The main applications and sectors where we have developed our experience are:

> Machines and plants for goldsmith industry
> Diamond cutting for jewelery
> Cutting chain to measure
> Stamping presses for precious metals
> Welding precious metals (gold, silver, etc.)
> Applications with laser welding
> Windings and unwindings
> Feeders for presses
> Textile machines
> Packaging machines
> Assembling components machines
> Plants and machines for PVC fixtures
> Spiral wrap machines for plastic materials
> Cutter to measure
> Coil winder
> Rolling mills
> Metalworking industry plants in genre
> Weighing machines
> Manipulators robot applications
> Medical equipments
> Domotics applications
> Mitsubishi CNC applications
> Machines for dental prosthesis
> Machines for railway maintenance plants
> Coffee grinder plants
> Plants for test/report equipments